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In Herodotus it is mentioned that the ancient Greeks in expeditions and marches would take with them sesame and honey. They would heat the honey and throw in sesame and nuts. This is how old the recipe of pasteli actually is. 

Sesame - a product of the ancient Greeks as the other Mediterranean peoples used in their daily diet - helps fight cholesterol, contributes to proper liver function, prevention of cataracts and diabetes. Two parallel investigations showed that the sesame seeds, because of vitamin E and the action of the lignans, has significant anti-aging and anti-hypertensive properties Furthermore, some researchers suggest that the vitamin found in sesame can prevent or delay  Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson disease, increase longevity and enhance the functioning of the immune system.

Honey, the other important component of the pasteli is transforming the quintessence of plants, herbs and flowers in a single substance with 182 elements that are beneficial to our body. Pasteli is characterized by its bacteriostatic action that helps with lowering blood pressure an treatment of indigestion and ulcers. It also contributes to a better treatment of diabetes mellitus while covering completely the body's needs for sweeteners.

Pasteli has emerged as one of the foods that can provide essential elements both for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and cancers. The antioxidants prevent atherosclerosis, but also protect the body from free radicals and, therefore, the degeneration of cells, premature aging and skin cancer.
The pasteli is a major protein and dietary fibre and although it contains a high percentage of lipids, cholesterol was absent; and this is because the sesame-based consumption helps fighting cholesterol. It also contains rich amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.
A pasteli per day, or every other day gives a great boost of energy. Unlike the energy that coffee provides you and lasts for some hours, pasteli’s energy lasts for much longer.
Pasteli, is an efficient energy bar.
Our pasteli has real honey inside which preserves it soft. This differentiates it from other pastleli
We provide you with 4 different flavors:


Pasteli 50 gr
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