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Honey and Honey with Chios Mastic

The food of the gods. The delight of mortals for thousands of years.

The "sweet" part of the Mediterranean diet and necessary complement to the modern diet covers the body's needs for sweeteners completely. Honey is beneficial for all people and especially for those that need vitalization due to special conditions or simply physical and mental fatigue. A teaspoon of honey contains only 21 calories.
Honey contains at least 180 different substances, which are organically connected in such a way that nobody has so far been able to create artificially, despite the known composition.

"Whoever eats honey three mornings each month will be protected from major illnesses.

Honey has different therapeutic actions, depending on crop origins, in all systems in the body: growth, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system. These actions are also good in skin healing, in normal and contaminated wounds or burns.

Thyme honey is of excellent quality and it is unique as it is produced only in Greece. The content of a specific enzyme classifies it into one of the finest honeys in the world.
Thyme honey belongs to the category of flower honey, but is actually a separate category because of the intense fragrance and flavor characteristics. Its appearance is very attractive and that is why consumers usually prefer it. However, its great demand is due to the fact that, if mixed with other types of honey (even in small quantities), it affects their scent. Its production ascends up to 10% of the total honey production in Greece.
 "Shield" against cancer of the prostate and breast cancer is the Greek thyme honey, according to research by the Biological Chemistry Laboratory of the Medical School of Athens. "Honey inhibits the growth of cancer cells and prostate cancer. Analyzing the chemical composition and biological activities of Greek honey, scientists also discovered that the Greek honey and thyme honey in particular, when compared with honey from other origins, are richer in polyphenols and phenolic acids, namely antioxidant compounds. Apart from cancer, the phenolic compounds in honey have protective effects against cardiovascular diseases. Raising the antioxidant load of the body, honey protects against cell damage that causes blood vessels to LDL (bad) cholesterol, when oxidized by free radicals. It has also beneficial effects in disorders of the urinary and digestive system.

In Elaias Selections we make sure that this delight is delivered to you in excellent condition in terms of taste and appearance. When the honey is delivered from the apiarists, it is heated carefully in low temperatures for twenty-four hours in order to become more liquid. In this way, it is easier to extract all the residues through filtering, and at the same time preserve its sweet tastefulness.
Another unique product of our collection is honey with Chios Mastiha.
The mastic tree belongs to the family of Pistacia lentiscus L. and grows mostly in the east coast of the Mediterranean basin. From this family, only the variety of Pistacia lentiscus L. var. Chia, who systematically cultivated in the southern island of Chios produces the most exquisite and unique therapeutic effects on the mastiha, which is the resinous secretion of the mastic tree. The unique combination of a variety of tree, soil, microclimate, and the topology of the terrain of the area, are the "secret" for the unique exclusivity, which this little corner of the globe has.
It is scientifically proved that Chios Mastiha has a beneficial effect against diseases of the digestive system, contributes to oral hygiene, has significant antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, it is a natural antioxidant, and also contributes to wound healing and regeneration of the skin.
The combination of the nutritional facts of honey and mastiha have great benefits on our body.

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